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Why The Human Spirit Can Achieve So Much

Why the Human Spirit CAN ACHIEVE SO MUCH and WHY God created us to operate in that dynamic realm of dimension.   'You are a SPIRIT that possess a SOUL that lives in a BODY ' THESE WORDS HAS been etched into my mind from different individuals, individuals I so much respect and APPRECIATE. One psychologist confirms it in his book, he said "Have you ever looked at a DEAD body?... You are not dead…you are living” WELL, LET ME use this analogy to explain better, I learnt it from one of my mentors, Paul Yonggi Cho(You can Google him if you care to know more about him), in Engineering and Architecture, when you put a dot, that is One Dimension(1D), when you intersect this dot with other dots so as to form a kind of network or in layman's term ' a Plane' that’s Two Dimension (2D), when you stack this 2D upon each other, you get a Third Dimension(3D), if you are an Engineer or an Architect you will understand 2D and 3D better than almost anyone