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How Agbada Reflects a Politician's Thinking: My Guest Post on Ayo Morakinyo's Blog

Recently I had an opportunity to write on;  How Agbada Reflects a Politician's Thinking on my friend's blog. In summary the article is about a question, which is: Can it be said that the way we dress affects the way we think? The article suggests some cogent points including my own observation... . You can click here to read the full article and kindly drop your coments. Don't forget to subscribe through email and feel free to cite and share any of my articles you find useful. Below are some of the articles I have shared so far… Lesson From The Game of Chess - In Relationship With Your LIFE Adding Value or Money: Which Is More Important? A Simple Proof: There Is A Dimension That Has No Begining and No End Did God Leave A Physical Proof On Earth That He Answer Prayers How To Stay Positive Towards An Idea or Inspiration Despite Having Critical People Around You How To Handle Hatred: A Key To Blissful Relationships How To Turn Your N