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How does "His Excellency" Come into Play in Nigerian Politics

On a cool Friday evening, everything was set for the commencement of a political red-carpet event and the guests trooped in one after the other to grace the glorious commemoration, until all invited guests were sited on dedicated comfy chairs. The uninvited ones were there too, standing and cheering as if they were in a football stadium. Then the master of ceremony (MC) took position for the announcement of the names of invited guests. But the cheering grew louder immediately the MC, put on an awkward grin as he introduced an eminent politician whose name is, His Excellency... This is an excerpt from my guest post on moraks blog and it's centered on one major fact; "What our politicians encourage, will have either a positive or negative impact on the growth of our country". The Idea behind this article, is to bring to bare, the effects of a statement we hear much too often but take little cognizance of its effect on the citizenry. You can read it here or