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One Lesson from the Country that Ruled the World

All histories must necessarily have reference to the existence and condition of Man. The use is left for him to decide. No country have been particularly opportune to rule the world. However, there have been empires that have come close. Some of these empires ruled portions of the world for brief periods of time but none came close to this one empire. Until about 70 years ago this empire had invaded 90 percent of the world's countries; colonizing the United States of America, Australia, India, and a greater part of Africa. Other countries it didn’t out rightly colonize, it exerted some measure of influence over them, using armed presence, paying diplomatic and economic visits to China and Japan in the 18th century. This empire is none other than Great Britain. Britain, a tiny island that would fit into Nigeria about 20times has the most awful weather you can think of, a very moody weather. The British didn’t have much in terms of Land and Labor in the 16th and 17th cent