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The Mystique of Songs and its Parallel Purpose

"What you are hearing is creating what you are feeling and your personal happiness is influenced by the words that come out of your mouth" ~ Mike Murdock Can it be said that anything that operates in the realm of the intangible operates in the realm of the spirit? It's believed that everything that happens in our physical (tangible) world was first conceived in the spiritual (intangible), take for example, every invention started from an idea which is intangible in nature. Maybe, this saying is true after all; the spiritual births the physical. Recently, I've been fascinated by some stuffs and one of them is the word "Lullaby" , how come a soft music have a tremendous effect on a baby who doesn't even understand one plus one, I mean, how come such soft music soothes a baby, definitely, there must be some form of mystery behind such music. So, I decided to observe a lunatic man who is supposed to be in the psychiatric hospital but fo