About Me

Yimika Ilori is the facilitator and owner of LARNTAN, a blog that stems from an indigenous pronunciation of a portable case with transparent or translucent sides that protects and holds a lamp to the real implication of light entering a dark world. 

LARNTAN answers questions most people are not consciously aware of by providing vivid and graphical facts that can be seen and felt in your emotion.

He uses what we can see, feel or touch in explaining more better, how those rules can help us live a right and purposeful life.
His career surrounds the bits and bytes that governs the computer world

For a while now, he's been an ardent adherent of what Galileo once wrote;

“You cannot teach a person something he does not already know; you can only bring what he does know to his awareness."

However, he takes pleasure in his spare time to writing articles and short stories. His articles have been published on some non-political pamphlets, newsletters, websites like nuggests4nobles, cfacoach amongst others.

You can click here or send a mail to info@larntan.com
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Remember thinking is nothing more but a process of asking and answering questions.

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