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A Simple Proof: There Is A Dimension That Has No Beginning And No End

With any unreasonable shadow of NO doubt, I believe the real question that prompted me to write this topic in the first place will by no means stir up an irrefutable misunderstanding in 45 percent of individuals that see that particular question before ever reading the article to the end. But instead of giving the question first, I will explain with 3 other questions and then finally paraphrase the main question... Do you think probably around 260 B.C. they would have believed... That something nearly as large as a football field and high as a four story building could fly in the sky? It’s impossible they will say and of course, we know the airplane especially the Airbus A380. That there is a place where time can be distorted, a place where you can  bend time, like bending a plastic plate. Of a truth in this particular dimension (EARTH) we are in, time is of the essence but there is a particular dimension were TIME can be distorted - in