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5 Life Principles I Learnt From How A Car Operates

What you are looking for in the far distant part of the land is not far from where you are living. ~ An adage from the southwestern part of Nigeria It takes a careful observation to discover that it's a lot easier to use what is known to explain what's unknown than to use what is unknown to explain what is known. Galileo once wrote, "You cannot teach a person what he does not already know, you can only bring what he does know to his awareness" And this article is based on this remarkable principle. An interesting analogy can be drawn from the principles of operations of a car, which has become part of our lives, can be applicable in enhancing our lifestyle. This is an excerpt from my guest post on nuggets4nobles blog and it's centered on 5 simple principles you already know but relating these known facts with something you can feel in your emotion creates a whole new understanding that is unique in itself. You can read it here or click the pictu

Faith, Imagination and You: A Captain-Sailor Scenario

I am not moved by what I see. I am not moved by what I feel. I am moved only by what I believe. ~ Smith Wigglesworth. A picture paints a thousand words and that was exactly how I felt after looking at one particular picture, actually, I think it was just a few hundreds. Nevertheless, I was considering a picture some days ago, a picture of 2 guys on a ship, one obviously a Captain and the other, a Sailor. Both of them were looking beyond the horizon, suddenly the Captain cried out; LAND HO! I CAN SEE OUR DESTINATION STRAIGHT AHEAD! But the sailor looked and said; I don't see anything! Now, you might ask, how come this captain saw the destination but the sailor couldn't, at least both of them have eyes. And this is where the whole gist got interesting. The captain, of course had an extra gadget with him - the telescope but the experienced sailor didn't. The only difference between the Captain and the Sailor in this picture is just the telescope. The