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How to Stay Positive Towards an Idea or Inspiration Despite Having Critical People Around

How to Stay Positive Towards an Idea or Inspiration despite having critical people around  was my Post on . The answer to this simple question is of uttermost interest when dealing with critical people. It goes beyond tolerating them for who they are even if you don't mind their actions. I can assure you, the effect of this answer is astonishing... You can  click here  to read the full article and let me have your feedback. Don't forget to subscribe through email and make comments so as to know you visited my blog Feel free to cite and share any of my articles. Thinking is nothing more but a process of ASKING and ANSWERING questions -  Anthony Robbins Below are the links to other topics I have shared: Did God Leave A Physical Proof On Earth That He Answer Prayers Mystery Behind Understanding How To Handle Hatred: A Key To Blissful Relationships How To Turn Your Negative Imagination To A Positive One How Do You Know If A

How to handle hatred: A key to blissful relationships

Avoidance is the quickest way to stay away from trouble but it is  TERRIBLE  in the long run                                                                    - Samuel Obafemi (Mind and Emotion Therapist) Having a connection, association or involvement with someone is one thing, securing the relationship for a number of years is another thing, and this is of uttermost interest. It’s likely that individuals existing in this sphere of relationship will one day or the other have one or more differences in matters of opinions, decisions etc. But if not handled properly, it will definitely lead to an absolutely negative emotion called HATRED. My personal research has it that most people can tell you at least one and at most hundred things you can do to handle relationships... and most of them offer no PRACTICAL comfort, just words. A wise man I so much respect said  "Attitude is everything". You need to know that for some individuals, handling hatred and ne