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Power of Words and Its Unconscious Effects

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. ~ Rudyard Kipling. Most often, we underestimate the power of words deposited into our subconscious. The power it generates when put into action is exceedingly greater than an atomic bomb, the effects which shape our character will only be either of two natures - positive or negative. Thoughts are words the mind use, to send and receive information. It is properly and popularly believed that, if you change your thinking, you'll definitely change your character and that directly changes your life. This simple fact complements the most important application of the law of cause and effect; Thoughts are causes and conditions are effects. One such scenario played out between Adam and Devil and the wind of this thought came; have you ever wondered how a little conversation between Adam and Devil, turn into a nightmare for Adam? The consequences that plagued a little disobedience caused havoc in the realm of the inta