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The Act of Giving

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift ~ Pierre Corneille. Simply put, there is nothing given for free, that might sound as a shock but the real understanding beneath, is that, there is always at least a blessing attached to anyone who gives, even if it's for free, and by blessing, I mean, a favor or gift bestowed by God, at first it is returned immediately as an emotion, which can be happiness, gladness, peace, love etc. All these values, the creator has made to operate by default as blessings for anyone who gives. The act of giving always bring two values; 1. An intangible value 2. A tangible value - which will later come in 100 fold return of the substance. An intangible value is the first obvious fact after giving since because its emotion based but the latter is based on the principle of sowing - Sow a seed and reap a hundred fold of that seed. The attribute of a giver, in an ideal situation is not to have the intention of receiving tang