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The Human Spirit and God

It’s quite interesting to know that of a truth the human spirit is really unfathomable, no doubt about that! I have discovered from most books I have read that these authors know a lot about the human spirit, probably more than I do but they have failed to answer a question. Yes, a question which you will know soon. It’s true, Thinking is nothing more but a process of asking and answering  questions . Some individuals believe, you, personally can do all things you think, yes! That's factual but I have also read from the Bible that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. Conflicting? Confusing? Nope! At least not to me. Hopefully, before the end of this article you will understand what I am saying. People that have dedicated their time to know how humans do what they do also added to the facts that you should learn from those that are poor and rich, those that think negatively and those who think positively, from those who are successful a