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Hunter and Cultivator: The Entrepreneur's ability

Once upon a time, in a 2000 year old book. There lived two young, boys Esau and Jacob. Esau was a skillful hunter who knows the in and out of the forest. Figuratively speaking, all the animals in the forest were always terrified of him. Jacob, was…well, a cool guy. Anyway, at the end of the long story, Esau was left but to one blessing from his father - the Entrepreneur's ability. This marked the beginning of his turn around. Mensa Otabil calls this; “the blessing of seeking a change because of discontent”. Eventually, at the "real" end of the story, these two guys became successful in there respect. But before Esau received the blessing of "Entrepreneur's ability" from his father. One major lesson I've learnt from Esau (a hunter) and Jacob (a cultivator) is summed up in 3 differences. 1. A hunter uses physical strength to produce, but a cultivator uses ideas to produce 2. A hunter hunts after one animal at a time, but a cultiva