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Proof That We Are a Spirit Who Possess a Soul And Lives In a Body

You are a spirit who possess a soul and lives in a body. These words have been etched into my memory from a tender age, with almost a thousand reasons why we are a Spirit but I couldn't feel the proof in my emotions until now. I was reading one of my favorite author's book one day and the guy wrote something peculiar about dreams and imagination and almost immediately, an unrelated insight pricked my mind "A proof that we are really a spirit who possess a soul and lives in a body. After sharing this proof with a friend, he said; ...this article must have been a continuation of the second article you published; Why The Human Spirit Can Achieve So Much. Honestly, I haven't thought of that...   Now, to the proof… Have you ever had a dream? Yea, I know, it looks like a trick question, believe me, it’s not...Alright, without mincing words and to make this article short as possible, my proof is based on the verity that dream, imagination and experi