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Traits That Produce Innovative And Resourceful Learners

The day we stop learning is the day we die ~ Michael Scott. There is a joke in a part of the world that if somebody says "Are you are a learner", then it means you are a novice. Nevertheless, in every situation of life, knowledge is the proof that ignorance existed at a particular point in time and the only way to make progress in life is to reduce or eliminate Ignorance whenever possible. From the time when the Biblical Adam fell, to this present time, by default, most humans have possessed some strange characteristics. Managerial scientists call it the basic characteristics of human nature It states; Man is an indolent, inherently, lazy and has apparent dislike for work He must be coerced, controlled, directed, or even threatened with punishment for him to perform. He has to be motivated by economic incentives to improve his performance and output He has little ambition but needs security above all Okay, maybe that’s way too offside, alternat