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How Do You know If A Man Who Has Ideas Can Be Successful

Success has become the uttermost desire of man and the necessity for this success which is the mother of invention, is fathered by IDEAS. How do I know a man who has ideas can be successful? An aphorism that has been popularly, properly,  powerfully, poignantly, believed is "How can a poor man say he has ideas when rich men are discussing" If he really does, why is he not successful? As a matter of fact, to argue whether the rich men should listen to the poor man is a school debate, but I will tell you, in this piece, what a Poor man who has IDEAS and remains unsuccessful lack. The answer to this mind-boggling question is simple and it’s in this question, HOW DO YOU KNOW IF A MAN WILL BE A PASTOR OR NOT . What did you see that makes you conclude that this man will be a pastor? Think about it… You need to know, it's not everybody that can become a pastor, talk less of having the gift and desire of teaching Now, you will agree with me that definitely