How Do You know If A Man Who Has Ideas Can Be Successful

Success has become the uttermost desire of man and the necessity for this success which is the mother of invention, is fathered by IDEAS.

How do I know a man who has ideas can be successful?

An aphorism that has been popularly, properly,  powerfully, poignantly, believed is "How can a poor man say he has ideas when rich men are discussing" If he really does, why is he not successful?
As a matter of fact, to argue whether the rich men should listen to the poor man is a school debate, but I will tell you, in this piece, what a Poor man who has IDEAS and remains unsuccessful lack.

The answer to this mind-boggling question is simple and it’s in this question, HOW DO YOU KNOW IF A MAN WILL BE A PASTOR OR NOT. What did you see that makes you conclude that this man will be a pastor? Think about it…

You need to know, it's not everybody that can become a pastor, talk less of having the gift and desire of teaching

Now, you will agree with me that definitely, there will be some indication in such a man - evidence such as            
  1. Inspiring individual
  2. Impressing the knowledge of a particular situation with much clarity
  3. Conception of creative facts
  4. Scheming different positive ways to go about a subject
  5. Exhibiting tremendous wealth of imparting wisdom and understanding, etc.

All these are not limited to the role of a pastor; you can definitely do much more by making...


Everything is all summarized into making DECISIONS. How??

Right now you can make a decision: to go back to school, to learn a new language, to visit a friend, to spend more time with your children, to make a phone call.

In life, we can only make two types of decisions, which I call...

1.       Quantitative Decisions: - Decisions that has the assurance of the output or end result real, measureable and guaranteed, like making a decision to visit a friend living close by, buy stuffs in the market, take a lunch in a restaurant, go to church on Sunday or even going to a rest room - It’s because the assurance of the output is real and guaranteed

2.       Qualitative Decisions: - Decisions that has the assurance of the Output not real or guaranteed(in terms of facts in the present reality), but of quality – setting a timeline to become a millionaire, Owning a multinational company, having ideas that can re-shape the world of Technology, Becoming the richest influencer of your community, achieving a long term goal, etc.

But an average human has mentally conditioned himself to make the first type decisions. There is no dispute in making this type of decisions but I will advise, dwell more on the INTANGIBLE, dwell and make more decisions on the QUALITATIVE TYPE. Because we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal

A 2000 year old book recorded “...God called those things that were not as though they were".-KJV

"People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure and they have excuses to explain their own lack of achievement"
-----Napoléon Hill

A poor man who has ideas and remains unsuccessful lacks only one thing - PERSISTENCE

John C. Maxwell believes;
  • Not KNOWING what you want is a problem of KNOWLEDGE
  • Not PURSING what you want is a problem of MOTIVATION
  • Not ACHIEVING what you want is a problem of PERSISTENCE

God gave us imagination so as to take a trip into our future, God can make success possible in your life believe Him…

Just follow LARNTAN and get answers to these questions….
Remember: Thinking is nothing more but a process of asking and answering questions - Anthony Robbins.
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