Essence of an Impactful Conversation

"Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."
― Benjamin Franklin

A situation happened in a book written about 2000 years ago - more precisely the book of John, where a conversation was fired up, it started with the issue of water. Like any informal conversation, it moved on to different subjects, in this case it was about being a descendant of Jacob, then to details about having husband or not, then changed abruptly and finally to the issue of worshiping in Jerusalem.
From this brief encounter with Jesus, the conversation had changed subject several times. But the main question impressed on my mind was, Why did this lady ask a question concerning worshiping in Jerusalem? As a matter of fact all other subjects in this conversation had a semblance in the preceding subject except this issue of worshiping. Can it be assumed that she has been bottling that question up for many years and here comes a person she believes has the solution?

In almost every informal conversation, emphasis on almost, the first subject of discussion and the last one are usually the main essence of the conversation.
Imagine having a conversation about politics, from there and then, the conversation moved to family, church and probably ended about a different issue at work.

All that's in between the first and last subject of the discussion are just spices that makes the conversation interesting and precise. obviously there are some exceptions.

Oh, I must confess, this is just my theory, although I might not necessarily be wrong.

Nevertheless, this particular conversation with Jesus ended on a good note, I mean both parties were grateful they met each other. As a matter of fact I spotted one instance where the conversation,probably, would have ended in a sour note, if Jesus had condemned the lady for having an intimate relationship with 6 guys at almost the same time, of course, He didn't encourage it either instead, He used a constructive corrective mechanism

However, the connotations enshrouded in this brief chat is much more than just ending a conversation on a good note or how to go about not condemning people but its speaks volume on what people should see when you open your mouth to speak and ultimately evangelism.

You can read the full gist in John 4.

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