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Can African Tech Start-ups Catch Up?

And at the end of the day, the internet is all about software. ~ Marc Andreeseen. Research has shown that every company will revolve around software in future. An average person may relate to a smartphone as a proof of technology or a simple device that combines software and hardware together in an interesting way. But it is beyond that. All emerging countries have at least one resource that is a delight of developed countries. Each of them has something that is more important than the basic factors of production namely, land, labour, capital and entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, when I consider the relationship between emerging countries and developed ones, landmass (or land) and population (which accounts for labour size) do not appear as classifying factors. Otherwise, Britain would be ranked among the least developed countries of the world. Regarding the third factor, capital, a Forrester Research report has argued that corporate software assets will be more val