The Human Spirit and God

It’s quite interesting to know that of a truth the human spirit is really unfathomable, no doubt about that! I have discovered from most books I have read that these authors know a lot about the human spirit, probably more than I do but they have failed to answer a question. Yes, a question which you will know soon.

It’s true, Thinking is nothing more but a process of asking and answering questions.

Some individuals believe, you, personally can do all things you think, yes! That's factual but I have also read from the Bible that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. Conflicting? Confusing? Nope! At least not to me. Hopefully, before the end of this article you will understand what I am saying.

People that have dedicated their time to know how humans do what they do also added to the facts that you should learn from those that are poor and rich, those that think negatively and those who think positively, from those who are successful and those who are not, in generally, they propose one should learn and learn between right and wrong. Which affirms why we are who we are...

Consider this;
I remember a disagreement between two people arguing whether there is God or not, one a psychology professor and the other his friend, the former believes there's no God and the latter believes as much that there is God. Quite amusing right?, well, both of them decided to see a very influential man, whose guidance has been known locally and internationally as a man of wisdom, I'm sure you must be thinking whether that man is Human or Spirit, talk less of whether he believes in God or not, never mind, by the end of this story you'll know. Well, to spill the beans, the man is a prominent pastor. I know!, I know! You are saying, sure, he believes in God, the case is over, the defendant has won, Prof Friend win, jury has already decided. HURRAY!

Hold your horses or better still hold your FIRE! And read.

Anyway, they met the Pastor, and the professor said, Sir, we know you believe in God, but what do you have to say to this argument; do you think there is God?

The pastor said you know of a truth, I believe in God, and I won't like to go into details because I know you have a strong opinion of how Man can also achieve this but instead I'll ask both of you a question, He turned to the Professor:

"What will you do if you die and later discovered there is Heaven and Hell, and instead of going to Heaven, you are hurled as a javelin into HELL!?"

You guessed right! He was dumbfounded, the pastor turned to the professor's friend and asked him
"What will you do if you latter discovered that there is NO Heaven or Hell?"

The friend said; "But for the reward of Jesus Christ the son, yet shall my mouth be filled with laughter and my heart be filled with Joy, for what more shall ask for, Jesus is all that makes heaven for me"

The pastor simply changed their paradigm by asking them, the other's belief.
Listen and Listen fastidiously, the pastor just didn't believe in God because he doesn't want to be thrown into hell, it’s more than words for you not to be thrown into hell.

I believe strongly that indeed, questions can change one's paradigm as long as you desire and persist to get the answer

I will like to share with you my research so far, as to Why the Human Spirit CAN ACHIEVE SO MUCH and WHY God created us to operate in that dynamic Realm of dimension in my next post. Stay connected.
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Remember: Thinking is nothing more but a process of asking and answering questions - Anthony Robbins.
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