How to handle hatred: A key to blissful relationships

Avoidance is the quickest way to stay away from trouble but it is TERRIBLE in the long run
                                                                   - Samuel Obafemi (Mind and Emotion Therapist)

Having a connection, association or involvement with someone is one thing, securing the relationship for a number of years is another thing, and this is of uttermost interest.
It’s likely that individuals existing in this sphere of relationship will one day or the other have one or more differences in matters of opinions, decisions etc. But if not handled properly, it will definitely lead to an absolutely negative emotion called HATRED.
My personal research has it that most people can tell you at least one and at most hundred things you can do to handle relationships... and most of them offer no PRACTICAL comfort, just words.

A wise man I so much respect said "Attitude is everything".

You need to know that for some individuals, handling hatred and negative absolutes is
natural, for some it’s a gift that they encountered with GOD. But whichever way, necessity is laid on you to share with those that want to hear. A candle indeed loses nothing by lighting another candle.

An important thing you must remember is that to handle anything in life, you must ask yourself questions. Questions relating to the matter of interest, you never know, God can inspire you with ideas on how to go about it. 

I have discovered just a particular key of interest to handling hatred but before I transiently let you in, let me ask you this question:

Assuming you saw a lunatic (an insane man) will you hate him or will you sympathize with him? Of course, you will sympathize with him. That's the mentality you should take along whenever you encounter people acting abnormally.

Consider this scenario:
A friend of mine after having a couple of conversations with an acquaintance said:
“I just don’t like her; I don’t actually see a difference between my dislike and the real definition of hatred….”

Any time you graphically and vividly feel this NEGATIVE EMOTION ask yourself:
Do I know this person’s weakness? I.e. areas he or she needs to work upon?
Do I know MY strengths? I.e. the 'edge' I have over the other person?

If yes, which undoubtedly should be, all you need do is channel your strengths to help the weak, channel your strengths and make sure the negative emotions you have been breeding disappear.
In marketing, a product that can't meet anybody's need is basically useless... 

Believe me, you are a solution to what you hate.
In mathematics and Engineering, for you to say you have a solution, there must have been a problem. Pain is the way the world gets your attention. The reason you feel a kind of pain in your emotions is because the solution in you is crying out to the problem.

Fela Durotoye made an analogy. He said: Why do some people walk by the garbage bin and don’t complain? It’s because the garbage bin is not the problem they were created to solve. Yet there are some other people that once they go pass a garbage bin, they begin to complain, cough up a storm, nit-pick etc. It’s because the solution in them is crying out!

The proof that you are carrying a solution is when you see other people carrying problems. 

God made you in such a way that until the solution comes out of you and challenges the problem, you will never have peace; you will always be complaining and developing hatred.

Let me give you another example. It’s because we have a problem of salvation that God packaged the Solution - Jesus Christ, in an earthen vessel.
You are the solution to another man’s problem.

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