The Mystique of Songs and its Parallel Purpose

"What you are hearing is creating what you are feeling and your personal happiness is influenced by the words that come out of your mouth"
~ Mike Murdock

Can it be said that anything that operates in the realm of the intangible operates in the realm of the spirit?

It's believed that everything that happens in our physical (tangible) world was first conceived in the spiritual (intangible), take for example, every invention started from an idea which is intangible in nature. Maybe, this saying is true after all; the spiritual births the physical.

Recently, I've been fascinated by some stuffs and one of them is the word "Lullaby", how come a soft music have a tremendous effect on a baby who doesn't even understand one plus one, I mean, how come such soft music soothes a baby, definitely, there must be some form of mystery behind such music.

So, I decided to observe a lunatic man who is supposed to be in the psychiatric hospital but for one reason or the other is not, I noticed he doesn’t dance to some genre of music, especially gospel but to some other genre? He danced like a mad man of whom he is. Quite amusing!

A friend once told me a scenario of how sounds penetrate into her subconscious mind, she said, there was a time she was hearing a sound similar to a door bell, ringing in her dream but when she jolted back from sleep into reality, the doorbell of her house was still ringing.

Now, if a lullaby soothes a baby and if indeed sounds penetrate into our subconscious mind, is it possible that sounds, especially songs, have a tremendous effect on how you act your destiny into being? Believe it or not, the songs you listen to will either shape or mar you, you make covenant with the lyrics of the song you sing. Joel Osteen said; "Your words set the direction of your life"

If our dressing affects the way we think, then your words and the lyrics of the song you sing sets the direction of your life. The kind of songs you listen to will certainly create what you are feeling which will have effects on your habit and indirectly structure your future, dwell more on songs that are more fulfilling and remember, you make covenant with the lyrics of the song you sing.

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