Did God Leave A Physical Proof On Earth That He Answer Prayers

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of Kings is to search out a matter.
- King Solomon of ancient Israel

I remember one particular Sunday many years ago, I was in church and the pastor was preaching, she was saying "God answers prayer just talk to Him and He will show Himself mighty..." It was quite easy for her to understand, but for me I just couldn't grasp it, my faith was asking for more understanding before it could overcome the inertia, it was just NOT too easy for me to understand, while thinking about what she was saying.

Immediately, I got an Inspiration and the amazing truth about this inspiration is, this inspiration wasn't from my "head knowledge" you know what I mean!

It was as if the embankment of Kainji Dam just couldn't hold the water again and before you know it, everywhere is engulfed with water. That was exactly how the answer buried in another question flooded my imagination.
The question, do you know that God created the SHARK to be able to detect a drop of blood in a million drops of water, do you know how far away the shark can detect this drop of blood? Do you now know that God, your creator, does have a greater capability to be able to single your prayers out of million people on earth?
Immediately, an overwhelming joy flooded my heart, seriously, from the depth of my heart I was convinced that my prayers will DEFINITELY be answered the same way I knew I was going to eat that afternoon, that was just how I felt. You should have seen the mood I was in that day...I don't know how to describe it...words are failing me...Out of millions of people on earth, God can still single my prayers out, what a breath-taking privilege to know my creator left a proof on earth that he does answer prayers.

And of course, we know that if we put a drop of blood into a million drops of water (about 100liters), the drop of blood will definitely be untraceable in the water but a shark can still detect it.

How awesome is that! Believe me God has left a lot of physical facts to prove He can do abundantly more than we ask or think.

This is just a fact out of lots more, God indeed left a Physical proof, He without a shadow of doubt answers prayers and He knows us...
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  2. Wow, very insightful! You kept me thinking while reading. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. This is great! wow, this is temptation. you're tempting me to go over all the other topics you'd shared over and over again! what a joy to know God left a vissible, sense-related proof for me. thanks guy--blessed is the womb that carried you! this, i must share with all my friends....thanks


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