Adding Value or Money: Which is more important?

Give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value; then you are adding to the world by every business transaction. - Watter Wallace

All monies are values but not all values are monies. To proof this fact, let’s consider this...

Do you know that at the back of a British 10 pound note is written?
"I promise to pay the bearer on demand the SUM of 10 pounds"

I quickly checked the synonym of the word "sum" and there it was "value", if I'll have to paraphrase it will be;
"I promise to pay the bearer on demand the VALUE of 10 pounds"

There you have it! What do you think?

A misconstrue understanding of these two keywords - Value and Money, has affected some individuals such that they fail woefully under the test of conflict of interests.
A wise man said to add value to anybody or anything find at least a need and try to meet this need with all Excellency.
I was of the school of thought that money in one way or the other is the only value attainable, more like, everything rises and falls on MONEY (hilarious right?) but fortunately for me I got a paradigm shift that an intangible value is far greater than a tangible one. Wait a minute there bro, are you saying money sometimes is not greater than some values?

Of course not, let me give you an example to illustrate my point.
"Helping someone get a job or depositing ideas that will bring more money (which is an Intangible value added) is by far greater than giving that person, money (tangible value)" There is a powerful adage that says; Its more better to teach an hungry man how to fish than to give him fish.

So, how can I DWELL more, on giving intangible values, the answer lies in these few words "Get Wisdom and with thy getting, get understanding"

Well, if you are looking for an easier answer, I guess it lies in the wise man's saying
"Put the person first in your thinking, find at least a need and try to meet this need with all Excellency"

You need to know some other individuals have this absurd feeling, that once they add an intangible value to somebody or give an advice that could literally transform the person’s life, it would make them dry of all ideas, like a desert (that's what they believe subconsciously) and there's no oasis around that could serve as a well spring or probably, they don't want the person to have an edge in such respect over them.

They also believe the law that says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" is incomplete and the words, "only if it suites such individual" needed to be attached.

Well, in my own honest opinion, such individuals are not only selfish but also self-centred.
I will conclude that the already highlighted mode of adding values has the most profound effect on anyone willing to try.
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  1. Word! Well done Mr Yimika. This explains how people twist words to influence personal gain. More insight!

  2. Nice lines of thought.It is relevant to our current society in the face of ever changing values.

    1. @Ever changing values....True talk bro. Thumbs up (y)

  3. more grace 2 ur elbow


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