The Right Side of a Right Triangle and the Error of Your Judgments

"Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right"
- Abraham Lincoln

The perception of the Right side is definitely not talking about direction but it's a nonliteral expression of being on the Right side of something good and the Right Triangle obviously, is another name for Right angle Triangle.

The illustration of the Right Triangle was borne out of curiosity, it was to understand a question, What if God's plan for my life was to move me from point A to point C but because of my free will to choose my direction all by myself and also because of some other factors I might have failed to consider, I found myself in position B. Why on the face of God's green earth should I say it was God who ordered my step to point B in the first place!

...If only I could differentiate how God ordered my steps there and the place of my own error, then probably, I'm on the right side after all.

One thing I prefer not to say whenever I make some decisions that could have been avoided and I find myself in another direction contrary to God's plan is; it's God who ordered my step there. Possibly because I chose to consider whether my error even has a say in my present circumstance or should I say, the place of my own error before concluding.

Nevertheless, what if I said; it's God who ordered my step there, can't I be right, well, I guess the answer can only be adequately compensated by differentiating between how God ordered my steps there and the place of my own error, then probably, my understanding will be enlightened.

Without any form of debate, Life is not a smooth road to walk through, and if the assumption, that the movement from any of the points (A,B and C) is not an easy task, is true, then who knows how rugged the road, from point A to B is already and in addition to the unpleasantness, passing through a treacherous terrain from point B to the final destination C, when instead I could have easily passed through the shortest distance between two points (A and C).

And of course, since there is a link from point B and point C, without a shadow of doubt, there is still hope to get to my final destination (from point A through B to C) but at what cost? The sum of the unpleasantness experienced from point A to B and from point B to C is far greater than from point A to C.

I find this Right Triangle blueprint astonishing, so long I know God's plan for me, anytime I discover the errors of my ways has put me in another direction contrary to His plan, I know there's still a way back, which of course, will be longer than the one He already paved for me earlier but His future for me is still constant.

My point in conclusion is, no matter the uncomfortable situation (wilderness) you find yourself, first differentiate how God ordered your steps there and the place of your own error, then probably you are on the right side after all.

Well, my assumption so far, is based on if you already know God's plan, but what if you don't, then with all honesty and genuineness, I believe it's a sine qua non you discover yours...

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