How People Make Decisions

"What I want to do, that I do not do but what I hate, that I do"
~ Apostle Paul

There is this general conception that we all have a body, soul and spirit somewhere and somehow, within us. Well, it seems to me, the word "Spirit" is also widely accepted among scientists, some call it a disposition (somebody's personality or temperament), others call it the life force of a person (the vital force that characterizes a human being as being alive). Now, we are not here to debate on the right definition, but...

The tiny question that pops up in my mind many years ago wasn't why do people behave this way or that way but how do people behave this way or that way, I think it was due to the fact that I was tired of learning the negative side of people, wanted to know more about the best side of people.

If you are expecting a complete methodology or procedures of steps human beings take to make decisions, then you need to read this, because it's totally different from this expectation of yours. Just saying.

Nevertheless, the simple answer to how people make decisions was an illustration my mum told me when I was 12 years old or there about.

  She said; since we are all made up of the Spirit, the Soul and the Body, the Spirit and the Body usually, have opposite desires but for the Soul, anything goes, in order words, the Soul (mind) will have to go along with one of the two.

 As of this moment, after careful consideration, I believe, the Spirit operates in the realm of the intangible while the body operates in the realm of the tangible, so it's no surprise when the body wants instant gratification, the spirit might prefer something entirely different. Ideally, believe it or not, the Spirit always seeks for long term desires and growth, but the Body seeks for instant gratification.

However, she concluded by saying, anyone the Soul sides, either the Spirit or Body will win, so if the Soul decided to endorse the Spirit desires, then you will do what the Spirit has suggested and if the Soul approves the Body desires, certainly you'll do it. It's as if they obey a democratic system where the majority carries the vote, quite interesting.

Therefore, the major factor concerning how people make decisions is proportional to the content of their mind. Perhaps this saying is through after all; Out of the abundance of your mind, your actions speaks.

A wise guy around AD60 or something wrote be transformed by the renewing of your MIND (Soul) that you may prove what is perfect and acceptable will of God.

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