Village Mentality: The Chief of Africa's Problems.

…they carried the village with them to the city and converted the city to a village.
--Mensa Otabil

Though the practice of democratic governance is now widespread in Africa, one soiled attitude (termed the village mentality) has extended its roots into the mental fabric of several African leaders and is diminishing their efficiency at solving the continent’s problems. 

Over the years, each foregoing generation of leaders seemed to have passed on the baton of village mentality to its successors. As Mensa Otabil once put it, "they carried the village with them to the city and converted the city to a village." 

Before I establish my thoughts on the transition of this meretricious mentality from the village to the city, let's make some facts known. Preceding the dramatic revolution in the political ideas of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the prosperity of an European country largely depended on the quality of its monarch (whether King or Queen).  If you had a good king, then you had a good kingdom. If the royal leader was a stupid one, then the kingdom followed that order.
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