The Greatest Footballer Who Ever Lived

Every great man has become great; every successful man has succeeded, in proportion as he has confined his powers to one particular channel.

I remember listening to one of the great men I admire and respect, while talking he made a temporary strike on a particular statement, he said when people look at you, what do they see? Do they see your strength or your weakness? To be forthright about it, the issue concerning strength and weakness is very popular but nothing can be compared with using something we can see, in explaining what cannot be seen, it’s more like, a practical work explains more better even to a lay man than a theoretical one.

For a while now, a lot of debates have been started on who the greatest footballer who ever lived is or was, some say he's from Brazil, others say he is from Argentina and a few are confused but it doesn't matter which one it is, all we know is, all the nominees have one thing in common and that’s exactly what we are about to find out.

The simple certainty about this great footballer is, he's not a goal keeper, not a midfielder, not a defender, not even a winger. He only played a particular position, and I believe it was number 10. As a matter of fact, if you put him in the position of a goal keeper, he will fumble majestically but we still call him the greatest footballer who ever lived. He didn't have the require strengths to play every position that will make his team win a match; nevertheless, it didn't stop him from becoming the greatest footballer.
He played his only position so well, that it overcame his weakness so much, that when you look at him you don't see his weakness but his strength; just one position did the trick. It seems as if we didn't even see his weakness in the first place, all we saw was how awesome his strengths are/were and why is that so? The reason simply proves the theory Orison Marden said before this great footballer was born;

  "Every great man has become great; every successful man has succeeded, in proportion as he has confined his powers to one particular channel.”

Brian Tracy once said; “Look at the various things you do, what is it that you do that gets you the most compliments and praise from other people? What is it that you do especially well? What are you good at? What do you do easily and well that is difficult for other people? Looking back at your career, what has been most responsible for your success in life and work to date?” You don’t need to play every role to be great, you only need only one and you already have it.

For some, this knowledge might be another different concept to what they already know but for some others, a totally new experience, all that matters is a right combination of decision, discipline and determination on every activity you engage in and for every facet of life because it lives an immutable mark in your ability to accurately predict the consequences of doing or not doing something.
One interesting way to journey through this facet of life is to ask yourself questions, especially the above questions, because that's where the answer lies. Anthony Robbins made a conclusion, he said; Thinking is nothing more but a process of asking and answering questions. Are you thinking?


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